Health Beliefs

“Religion, culture, beliefs, and ethnic customs can influence how people understand health concepts, how they take care of their health, and how they make decisions related to their health” (AHRQ). Health beliefs often overlap with cultural and religious beliefs, as well as customs. Sometimes health beliefs are the result of a lack of information.

Another *CRS Q/A Question was How do you quickly assess patients’ health beliefs?

The answer is to ask the person, What’s one thing that really bugs you about diabetes?

This acknowledges that diabetes isn’t easy and that you care about how they are doing with it. This simple question will also give you insight about what matters to the person, or what they believe about their health and health practices.

If you have diabetes and are struggling with aspects of your care, take a look at your own beliefs about your health. How are those beliefs affecting your daily management? What changes or adjustments can you make? Are you getting the help/support you need?

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  1. Carol Mahoney says:

    Thanks Jane, that is a great question to ask and will open up discussion. Another one I like is What matters to you?

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