23 Problems

problem-free-clipart-1I was inspired by a recent Seth Godin post about Hilbert’s list of 23 problems, compiled back in 1900. I decided to write my own list of 23 problems…in diabetes. Rather than calling them problems, I would say these are challenges we need to work on.

Here they are in no particular order:

  1. faster acting bolus insulin
  2. “smart” insulin
  3. acceptance (approaches to diabetes care)
  4. acceptance (language of diabetes)
  5. informed public
  6. faster/more accurate diagnosis
  7. health insurance
  8. health information (documentation and correspondence)
  9. access to diabetes care and supplies
  10. diabetes education referrals
  11. access to diabetes education
  12. a cure for lipoatrophy
  13. access to healthier food options
  14. lower prices on produce
  15. reintroduce the “exchange system”
  16. incorporate physical activity daily
  17. teach/understand the basics
  18. eradicate hypoglycemia
  19. figure out who gets/doesn’t get complications and build on that
  20. address mental health and diabetes
  21. focus on the person, not the data
  22. shared decision making leading to empowerment
  23. change the focus to living well

I look forward to taking a closer look at each of these throughout 2019.

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2 Responses to 23 Problems


    Affordable health insurance, access to diabetes care and supplies would make all the difference!

  2. Ivan says:

    A type1 cure would solve all of these.

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