Understanding the Benefits of Exercise can Benefit Health

2013-blog-team-novo-nordisk-cycling-1Some Australian researchers have identified understanding the benefits of exercise as a motivator for actually engaging in physical activity or exercise. In the past I’ve written about the importance of simply asking people if they exercise – in other words, start the conversation. Now it appears that teaching people about the benefits of exercise is also beneficial. Maybe more so than focusing on the risks of not exercising. Here are some of the benefits:

  • better sleep
  • improved mental health
  • improved cardiovascular health
  • stronger and healthier joints
  • decreased arthritic pain
  • stronger bones
  • stronger muscles
  • healthier skin
  • clearer thinking (healthier brain)
  • improved memory
  • improved mood
  • increased energy level
  • lower blood glucose
  • lower blood pressure
  • increased HDL cholesterol
  • reduced risk for type 2 diabetes and colon cancer
  • improved overall health and well-being
  • increased life expectancy

If you have read this post, you now have at least a basic understanding of the benefits of exercise. The most effective way to reap the benefits of exercise is to incorporate it into your daily routine and make it a habit. Time to stop reading and go do something active!

Photo credits: Team Novo Nordisk – competitive bike racers with type 1 diabetes taking exercise to a new level!!

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  1. Ivan says:

    Healthy people exercise unhealthy people do not.

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