What the dentist said

Electric ToothbrushI have more to report from the presentations I heard last week! There was a dentist on a panel of health professionals, and when asked to explain the best way to brush teeth he answered: “It’s more important how long you brush than how you brush.” He did say to ask your dentist/hygienist for tips on how to brush, but his take home message (which, by the way, I not only took home but shared with my husband and kids!) was that the most important thing is to brush for 2 to 4 minutes twice a day. And he strongly recommends using an electric toothbrush – because it has a timer!

He also said it’s important to share with your dentist that you have diabetes, because they can help you with your oral health. Diabetes can contribute to all sorts of problems in the mouth (oral cavity), teeth and gums, and likewise, problems in the mouth can contribute to difficulty managing blood glucose levels. Check out this post for more about diabetes and oral health.

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