Type yes if you agree

Does anyone else out there cringe every time they see a Facebook post with type yes if you agree at the bottom? (I’m not on Instagram, so I don’t know if it happens there as well.) I have been experiencing this phenomenon for weeks – maybe even months – now, and today I think I figured out why.

Type yes if you agree – to me – is like asking someone to be “compliant.” Rather than presenting some cute quote or phrase or inspirational message and letting people get what they will out of it, type yes if you agree is like saying, “you do agree with me, right”?

It’s like the whole compliant/non-compliant message people with diabetes get all the time. The health care professional delivers some nugget of wisdom and then expects you to follow it. If you do, you’re compliant (good, etc.); if you don’t you’re non-compliant (bad, etc.).

What if you simply don’t agree? What if you have a different or better idea? Couldn’t those posts say let’s discuss or enjoy your day or nothing at all below the cute saying?

Maybe the whole type yes if you agree thing really just reminds me of a chain letter. Remember those? Ugh. I’ve even found myself looking for those annoying words on every post.

It’s making me a little crazy. Type yes if you agree.

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One Response to Type yes if you agree

  1. Alli says:

    I could not only totally agree with a meme/post but also find it cute, beautiful, great and all things good until I see the words “type yes if you agree”. For me, it ruins the sentiment every single time to the point I won’t even heart or thumbs up it. At that point my irritation trumps any positive feelings I may have.
    Are people really this needy for replies to their posts? When did clicking a like button or the heart button become not enough of an acknowledgment? Ugh, yes. I agree, it is making me a little crazy too..and yes, it also happens on IG

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