Tools for Diabetes Management

I know it’s true for me, and I’ve noticed it in others…those of us with diabetes can get stuck in a rut. We like what we like. I once read “I would die without my pump” and I thought, “That’s awful! What if your pump malfunctioned?” But the more I thought about it, I realized that I would be lost without my blood glucose meter. I’ve been checking blood glucose levels for over 30 years and I honestly don’t know how I would manage without that information. For others that’s a pump or a CGM or a certain medication.

So I’m adjusting my response to the “I would die without…” quote. Now I’m saying I get it! And I think it’s important to be informed about how to manage without it. I also think there are lots of tools out there. For those with type 1 diabetes that includes pens, pumps, injections, carb counting, continuous glucose monitoring, inhaled insulin, and hopefully soon there will be more options. For those with type 2 diabetes there are multiple different medications – all address lowering blood glucose levels from different angles.

Learn about the various options for managing diabetes. Meet with a provider who is open-minded, listens to your ideas and needs, helps you build on your strengths and encourages you to do what works best for you. Use the tools you love, and know how to manage without them (just in case).

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