Thankful for Insulin and More

thanksgiving1It’s a good day to think about thanks. All the other days I’m so busy getting life done. I’m checking blood glucose levels, taking insulin, counting carbs, making appointments, going to appointments, working, working, working, driving kids, teaching kids to drive, walking the dog, going for walks, preparing meals, eating meals, working some more…

Days, weeks, months and years go by faster and faster all the time. They weren’t kidding when they said time flies. It’s all good, and fun, and challenging, and it flies by. So fast that I forget to slow down and think about thanks.

I like to call today CarbFest. I am thankful for insulin, because without it my body couldn’t metabolize (break down and use for energy) carbohydrates. Thankfully, on this day I can figure out how many carbs I’m about to eat (thank you to whoever invented carb counting) and take the appropriate amount of insulin (thank you, Banting, Best, Collip, and Macleod). I can also take a long walk to burn off at least some of those calories (thank you, all the diabetes educators and other health care professionals who have taught me about healthy choices over the years).

It’s good that Thanksgiving falls within Diabetes Awareness Month, because it gives us a designated time to both be aware and give thanks. Happy Thanksgiving – enjoy your carbs!!

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