Take a Leap

We talked about a day without diabetes, and now it’s time for a blog post without diabetes.

Today is February 29th – Leap Day? Leap Year Day? At any rate, it’s sometimes called Sadie Hawkins Day, and that’s when crazy things like girls-asking-boys-out happen. Ok, it’s an old-fashioned tradition, but let’s stretch it to a new tradition of just doing something out of the ordinary.

Have you ever done something completely out of your ordinary? One year on February 29th I asked a guy to marry me. No joke. Well, I was joking at the time, but it really did happen. It was a third date and I don’t think he was amused. Although there was a fourth date, it pretty much fizzled after that.

So here’s your challenge for today: go out and do something you wouldn’t typically do (preferably something legal). And a great, big Happy Birthday to all those who were born on February 29th – I hope you are enjoying your very special day.

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