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Words Matter: The Language of Diabetes

The language people use to discuss and write about diabetes and the people who live with it has long been questioned. Becoming aware of and changing the language and messaging related to health is not unique to diabetes. In fact, … Continue reading

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Compliance vs. Contribution

I am often inspired by things I read. This was one (thanks, Seth Godin, as usual). I love the idea of substituting “contribution” for that yucky word “compliance.” It really works in diabetes because compliance means doing what someone else … Continue reading

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Diabetes Issues

This week is dblog week, where literally hundreds of diabetes bloggers write about certain topics each day (I counted 203 participants in this year’s list!). I participated in dblog week in 2011, 2012, and 2013, but this year time got … Continue reading

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Diabetes Strength (through words)

My mother once gave me a hard time for letting my son choose where he was going to sleep when it was naptime (we were visiting my parents). I explained that I wasn’t giving him a choice about taking a … Continue reading

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