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Cell Phone Cyanosis

My kids are attached to their cell phones like some people are to oxygen. So I sometimes give them a hard time if they are away from their phones by asking, “Are you OK? Can you breathe?” What about diabetes … Continue reading

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Education, not panic

I just received an excellent article on Ebola from one of my alma maters. I love the title: “Public education, not panic, best approach to Ebola crisis.” Isn’t this true for anything? Yesterday I tried to allay my son’s fears when … Continue reading

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I was innocently hiking in Arches National Park with my family last weekend, when I overheard an interesting conversation. A woman walking by in the opposite direction was saying (I honestly did not notice to whom she was talking, I … Continue reading

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should government regulate sugar?

Here’s an article with some ideas about government regulation of sugar. It got me thinking about where I stand on this. David Katz has been known to say that taxing junk food and sugary drinks is not enough. It’s just … Continue reading

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Education or Indictment?

When I was at the AADE (American Association of Diabetes Educators) conference last month, one of the speakers referred to needing more “sticks” and less “carrots” with regard to people with diabetes. I have to admit I’m not much of … Continue reading

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