Showing up every day

WDD-logo-date-EN-2048pxToday is just another day with diabetes for those of us living with it. It happens to also be World Diabetes Day, so many are making a big deal today.

Not just today, but every day we show up, wake up, keep breathing, keep thinking about every little that affects diabetes and every little thing that is affected by diabetes.

Every day we poke fingers, take medications/injections, count carbs, exercise, treat lows, treat highs, think, think, think.

Today I’m thinking about those who don’t have access to insulin and how we can help them. Today I’m thinking about the people who don’t even know they have diabetes yet (and they’ve already had it for years). Today I’m thinking about the people who feel the stigma of diabetes, or are hiding their diabetes, or are ashamed of their diabetes.

Today I’m hoping we can move past all of this. Today I’m looking forward to the time when there’s no longer a World Diabetes Day.

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