Nothing New

cropped-Scales22.jpgI am constantly saying that what we know about diabetes changes all the time; there’s something new to learn every day. While that may be true, there are certainly days when it seems like same old, same old.

I’ve had nothing new to add for over a month. Writer’s block? Diabetes block? There are just going to be times when there is nothing new. And then again there is so much new stuff that it’s overwhelming and easier to stay where we are.

I don’t have the answer; I just listen to my body and hope for the best. I read a lot and remember some. We don’t have to try something new every day; when we get in a rut, though, trying something new could be life-changing.

Oh wait! This sounds like balance (thanks, D). There’s an old concept. Let’s balance the old and the new and live as well as we possibly can with that thing we call diabetes.


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  1. Ivan says:

    I always live well with type1 diabetes.

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