Never too late; always too soon

I love this article for many reasons. My grandmother is 102 years old, so whenever I see an article about centenarians, I read it. What if that happens to me? I’ve mentioned before that my goal is 85

I like how Dr. Bortz gives straight-forward suggestions for a healthy lifestyle: move more. Exercise is key to health: research is showing that fitness may be more important than weight. Not to mention that exercise just makes us feel good – it releases endorphins! His quote: “It’s never too late to start, but it’s always too soon to stop” is just perfect.

I also like his recommendation to not waste time on hoaxes (anti-aging ones, in this case). Don’t waste your money – spend it on healthy fruits and vegetables!

The advice to stay engaged is important – this is how we remain active (young), involved and excited about life. Find things you enjoy doing and do them!

And I absolutely love “own your self-care” not only because Dr. Bortz gives a positive mention to diabetes educators (yea!), but more importantly because ownership is what successful diabetes management is all about. No one else is going to own our disease for us, so we need to take initiative. If we get bogged down in being a victim, that’s just going to increase our stress, which diminishes all the work we do to manage the darn thing anyway. Owning our self-care is moving forward every day, believing in ourselves, advocating for ourselves, supporting each other and getting the support we need.

I guess I’m ok with living to 100 if I am still able to own my diabetes.

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