National Commission on Diabetes

public_meetingsDid you see that Trump signed a bill to establish a “national commission of health care experts” on diabetes? I’m actually very excited about this! And what better time to do it than during National Diabetes Educator Week?

My hope is that this national commission will look at a variety of challenges in the world of diabetes:

  • risk reduction
  • technology
  • access to care
  • access to technology
  • aka coverage
  • healthy food availability
  • healthy food pricing
  • medication pricing
  • language and stigma
  • hypoglycemia
  • education
  • support, trust

There are so many areas we need to address and fix in diabetes; I’m not quite sure where this commission will start. My hope is they will start by getting the right people in the room. Then they can dig into the discussion, come with ideas, and make change happen. If they don’t ask me to be on this commission, I hope they will at least ask for input (smiley face).

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  1. Ivan says:

    I hope more money is given for type1 diabetes cure research.

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