Insulin is our friend

insulinThere are many types of insulin out there. And before I go any further, I will share with you my mantra: “Insulin is my friend.” Insulin is everyone’s friend. Many people don’t have to think about insulin, because their bodies take care of it for them. The normally functioning pancreas actually knows when to produce insulin and when to send it out into the bloodstream, based on what the blood glucose is doing.

But for those of us with diabetes, we either think about insulin every day, or we worry about having to think about insulin in the future.

For those with type 1 diabetes, taking insulin keeps us alive because our bodies no longer make it. For those with type 2 diabetes, taking insulin may or may not be necessary. Type 2 is a progressive disease, and many people with type 2 diabetes end up taking insulin at some point. It’s very important to remember that this does not mean they have failed or that they are bad or unworthy.

Here’s a quote from my book:

  • If you struggle with the thought of taking one more medication, try this: Don’t think of insulin as a medication/drug. Think of it as a life-sustaining liquid that your body needs to do its best work. You could even call it the “internal secretion” as they did before insulin was named in 1921!

No matter how you slice it, insulin is truly your friend. If you need it, don’t be afraid or ashamed to take it. If you have fear, frustration, or anger around insulin, consider talking about it with a health professional or some friends who take insulin. There’s a lot of support right here on the internet!

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