Inhaled Insulin

Do you remember Exubera? This was the first inhaled insulin product to hit the market, and it was available for just one year in 2006-2007. Exubera was pulled from the market because it wasn’t bringing in the sales that had been anticipated.

Was the diabetes public not ready for inhaled insulin? Was the “inhaler” too big and awkward? Were providers not ready/not prescribing it? Was it too expensive?

Now we may have another shot at it (no shots involved, however). A new, inhaled insulin called Afrezza is performing well in studies. The inhaler is described as being the size of a whistle, and research shows that Afrezza is more effective than injected and oral treatments. One of the concerns with Exubera was the potential for lung damage or even lung cancer. I will be anxious to see information regarding lung toxicity and Afrezza.

What are your thoughts on inhaled insulin? Are you waiting for it with baited breath? Or are you skeptical?

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