Hope for a Cure

the-human-trialI don’t think about a cure for diabetes. I honestly don’t. I live my life every day, work hard to take care of my body, work hard to raise good and successful kids, work hard in my job(s), and sometimes clean the house. I don’t think about a cure, because I’m just too busy living well with diabetes.

However, lots of people do think about a cure, and I have great appreciation for the people who think about and work on a cure. I’ve said before that I have no doubt there will be a cure someday. I also believe there will be a prevention before there’s a cure. But I don’t know that either will happen in my lifetime. The cure has been “five years away” for the 38 years that I’ve had diabetes. Hearing those words can elicit great excitement and anticipation and hope. But when it doesn’t come to fruition, they can also lead to great disappointment and discouragement. This is why I just don’t dwell on it.

I watched (and highly recommend) the trailer for a documentary that is currently being developed about the “race for the cure.” It got me choked up. I hope this film is a huge success, and more important, I hope the research groups find huge success. This is exciting stuff.

While I do believe it’s important for some people to focus on cure research and cure fundraising, I think it’s just as important for others to focus on living well today – with what we have. So I will continue to be and do the latter. And sometimes I will be inspired by a movement that stirs me to raise my voice. And the rest of the time I will work hard to help people with diabetes live well right now.

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