From Hell to Habit

I never used to consider myself a hiker. It wasn’t that I didn’t like hiking; I just didn’t do it. And then about five years ago I decided to try a hike (one of several in our local community). It took me 45 minutes to get to the first “bend” – I had no idea how much further it was to the top. In fact, I didn’t get all the way to the top until several months later when I asked a friend to join me (it was spring and I was nervous about meeting a mountain lion, so thought better to have a hiking partner). We hiked all the way to the top and I was pretty proud!

Somewhere along the line I started making that hike every Friday morning. A few friends joined, and now we have a regular “hiking club.” If I’m in town on a Friday, I hike. It has definitely become a habit (and while it’s still a challenge, it’s MUCH easier than those first several times).

When I read a tweet today about making what we learn about diabetes and exercise part of our permanent lifestyle, I thought about what was once hellish for me and now is habit. And an enjoyable one at that – thanks to the company of friends and my muscles getting somewhat used to the task.

My suggestions for incorporating exercise into lifestyle: do it gradually; do something you might enjoy down the line; do it with people you enjoy; stick with it (at least long enough to give it a good chance of sticking). You never know – five years later you might be lost without it.

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