Because I can, not because I have to

2015-04-14_00_17_35_Stairs_and_escalator_in_the_corridor_connecting_Concourse_E_with_Concourse_D_in_Salt_Lake_City_International_Airport,_UtahI have this weird habit (weird to my kids, anyway) of taking the stairs instead of the escalator, whenever I have the choice. It happens mostly in airports, and sometimes in malls, conference centers, and other places. My kids used to ask me why I took the stairs, and I would answer, “Because I can.”

I know there will come a time(s) when I can’t take the stairs because of injury, fatigue or even age. But for now I can and I do and I will. When I saw do it because you can, not because you have to in a recent blog article, I was reminded of the stairs vs. escalator thing.

It seems like a healthy, positive, and empowering approach to me. What if we looked at everything that way? What are we doing in life right now that we could switch to a “can” rather than a “have to”? And what effect would that have on our attitude?

I’m going to start right now.

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  1. Ivan says:

    Lots of healthy people use the escalator.

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