A Day Without Diabetes

Tudiabetes.org has started a monthly series with questions for blogs, discussions, etc. One of the questions this month is What would you do with a diabetes-free day?

I thought about this question while I was on the treadmill this morning. I really had to give it some time, as I don’t often ponder this sort of topic. Of course I started out thinking about the obvious eat-everything-that’s-not-nailed-down answer. This really doesn’t appeal to me, however, because I know I would still feel disgusting even if my blood glucose was normal.

Instead I came up with these two things: 1) I would engage in some type of endurance athletic event and 2) I would travel in a foreign place for the day.

I chose these two activities because I want to do them, yet am somewhat afraid to do them. I don’t need to participate in an ultra-marathon or anything like that, but I do have secret fantasies about long hikes and other strenuous activities. I also love the thought of traveling to interesting and exotic places. I know that I can do these things; I also know that managing diabetes during them, while very possible, would be a challenge and a hassle, so not having to deal with that would be nice.

What would you do if you had a day without diabetes?

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6 Responses to A Day Without Diabetes

  1. Dani says:

    Hi Jane, looks like you and I have a lot in common! My brother liked your blog on Facebook which led me to investigate. I grew up in Wilbraham too and at 27 years old in 2000 was diagnosed with type one diabetes. This was an interesting question. I too jumped to the obvious answer, Eat! But I rarely deny myself many foods, I just make sure my quantity on high carb items focus on savoring the taste and not finishing the portion. For me it would be to excercise without concern. I love to hike and backpack but sometimes I feel like I have to shovel carbs in my mouth as I motor along to ensure my limbs will keep moving. There have been nice summer nights where I eat dinner with my family and want to walk to the end of my street and back. With out fail, if I gave myself insulin with dinner I am dragging myself back to the house, shaking and sweating with every step, often listening to lectures about not being prepared, and why didn’t you bring any sugar with you? If I had one day, I would, hike, skip, sprint all over town without having to worry about following up with a skittles chaser.

    • jane k says:

      I’m so glad you found me here in the blogosphere! We need to talk – what a small world. Did you go to Minnechaug? Do you still live in Mass? Thanks for your comment. I can relate!

  2. Laurie P. says:

    I too would LOVE to travel to a faraway place, somewhere that has no doctors/hospitals nearby , *just in case*…… A place where you can eat whatever you want at whatever time. I wouldn’t want to eat alot, just without having to think so much about it. I would love to not have to pack so much stuff when I travel. I would love to not have to decipher if my body symptoms are diabetes related or not- headache, nausea, weak/tired,….you know what I mean.

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