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Official Candy Taster

I once owned a t-shirt that said “Official Candy Taster.” I loved that t-shirt, and every October I wonder what happened to it. The other day the parents of a child with diabetes asked me for suggestions on how to deal … Continue reading

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Words Matter: The Language of Diabetes

The language people use to discuss and write about diabetes and the people who live with it has long been questioned. Becoming aware of and changing the language and messaging related to health is not unique to diabetes. In fact, … Continue reading

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Engagement Stories

I went through a phase where I was fascinated by couples’ engagement stories. I had several friends and family members who had especially cute or romantic ones. Now engagement has a different twist for me. It still means a connection or … Continue reading

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Health Alert

Remember cigarettes? My kids tell me no one smokes anymore (they vape, etc.). Yet, inactivity has more recently been equated with smoking in terms of the health effects. If sitting is the new smoking, then I’m a chain smoker. I sit … Continue reading

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