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Diabetes Parallels

I sometimes notice little diabetes parallels in routine life moments. I just threw a glass jar into the recycle bin in our garage. Ordinarily this is a pretty straight forward thing. I open the door to the garage (in our laundry room) … Continue reading

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one way to ease the burden of diabetes

Diabetes is scary and depressing for 25% of Australian teens with the disease (according to one study). One (pretty simple) way we can lessen the stress for adolescents and others with diabetes is to use language that builds on their … Continue reading

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Diabetes Disclosure

I recently saw this question on twitter: “Should or shouldn’t you disclose your diabetes to your professors or employer?” I was particularly struck by the words should and shouldn’t. Here’s how I would reword the question: “Do you disclose your … Continue reading

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The Computer in the Room

When you are in a health-related appointment do you feel like the computer gets more attention from your provider (physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant) than you do? Back in the early 90s hospitals started converting to electronic charting. That … Continue reading

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