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Food Nutrition Labels

Do you read the nutrition labels on your food products? A study found that people might make healthier food choices if labels were revised. So I’m curious, if labels gave information for an entire package, would that help you make … Continue reading

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Reliable Information: the GATOR approach

If you are reading this blog, chances are you get information from the Internet. A group of nurse researchers put together the GATOR approach to making sure that people are finding good information on the web. G is for genuine. … Continue reading

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Teachers College is 125 years old!

Teachers College, the graduate and professional school of education for Columbia University in New York City, starts its 125th anniversary celebration today! Teachers College is known for many firsts, including the yellow school bus and the Happy Birthday song (you … Continue reading

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Knee Replacement Surgery and Diabetes

I recently read an article about a study looking at people who had had knee replacement surgery. The study showed that 30% gained weight afterward. I was actually surprised by this finding, because I figured people with a new knee … Continue reading

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Blood Glucose Monitoring and Type 1 Diabetes

Although the vast majority of the time I blog about topics related to diabetes in general – for people with all types of diabetes – today I’m focusing on type 1 diabetes (autoimmune diabetes). I am trying to catch up … Continue reading

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Dirty Little Syringe Secrets

Many people fear or resist going on insulin because of the needles. The truth is the needles we use for insulin today are very different from what we had years ago: they are shorter and thinner. The upside to shorter … Continue reading

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Please Don’t Should on Me

If you’ve been reading my blog posts with any consistency, you’ve probably noticed that I have a little language thing going on. About twenty years ago I realized the importance of language. There are many, many judgmental words and phrases … Continue reading

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New Year Energy

My New Year’s resolution is to get up earlier in the morning. I figure if I get up earlier, I’ll get more done. Today was the first day I actually did it. And that’s ok. It’s still January; it’s still … Continue reading

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