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Grief and Diabetes

It’s been a week since the horror at Sandy Hook Elementary, and honestly, I have not been able to blog since it happened. I just can’t figure out how writing about diabetes (or anything else) would make any sense in … Continue reading

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What is Type 1 Diabetes?

Type 1 diabetes, once called “juvenile onset” or “insulin-dependent” or “Type I” diabetes, is an autoimmune disorder. The body turns on it itself and attacks the cells in the pancreas (beta cells in the islets of Langerhans) that make insulin. Scientists … Continue reading

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Does Facebook Cause Diabetes?

                  Did you know that studies have been done on the effects of facebook on obesity and credit card debt? Probably even more, but I’ll have to check later. This particular study … Continue reading

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Diabetes Awareness

I’ve often said, “Everyone knows someone with diabetes.” And the number of people with diabetes in 2012 supports this statement. There’s a lot of diabetes out there!! Yet the other day I met someone who told me she doesn’t know … Continue reading

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