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Diabetes and Food

Diabetes is a public health crisis. The number of people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes is increasing every day. Most people are not willing, interested, or in some cases able to follow a low- or no-carb meal plan. … Continue reading

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Body Image

I had the great fortune of watching the video BirthMarkings this morning. It brought on many thoughts for me. Some related to my after-kids body, and some related to diabetes. I realized that I often comment about the changes that resulted … Continue reading

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New Diabetes Education Standards

A task force of diabetes professionals has developed and published the brand new National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support. This version of the standards emphasizes communication between all members of the patient’s health care team, and putting the … Continue reading

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Diabetes Art Day

There is a wonderful, new-ish tradition called Diabetes Art Day. This year Diabetes Art Day took place on September 24th and I missed it. But that’s ok, because having just viewed all the art submissions, I realize that I’m not … Continue reading

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Routine Diabetes

Routine: do you love it or avoid it? I saw this question posted and got curious. I would consider myself a routine person. I am the most productive when I follow a routine. I definitely have the most success managing … Continue reading

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Definition of Trust

I was asked to come up with my personal definition of trust, and while giving it some thought I went immediately to diabetes. While trust plays a role in all aspects of my life, I thought about trusting someone with … Continue reading

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