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Did you find everything you were looking for?

Why do cashiers ask this question if they have no intention of helping you find what you didn’t find? This happened to me today. I was asked the question and at first I was going to give my usual answer, … Continue reading

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We need snow like we need glucose

I admit that I am mostly motivated for wanting snow by the fact that I bought a very expensive ski pass and I want to use it. But more importantly, we need snow! I started thinking about how my community’s … Continue reading

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To B(G) or Not to B(G)

Routine self-monitoring of blood glucose for people with type 2 diabetes who do not take insulin  has been a debate for many years (I’m guessing as long as blood glucose meters have been around). Yet another article about this topic … Continue reading

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CGM Poll

With all this talk about artificial pancreases (closed-loop systems) and CGM, it’s time to take a poll. I just read an article about a CGM study in kids ages 4 to 9. This is an important study, because this age … Continue reading

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Artificial Pancreas updates

I guess it just dawned on me that the race is really on for the artificial pancreas. I listened to a webinar the other day about one group’s work on it. Yesterday I was looking at a conference agenda, where … Continue reading

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Pigs are Precious

We used to say this at diabetes camp years ago: “pigs are precious.” That was because our “purified pork” insulin came from pigs. A long time ago, beef (cow) insulin was the best we had, but many people had physical … Continue reading

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Jumping on the PD Bandwagon

A friend (with diabetes) and I were discussing how so many people with diabetes get judged and blamed for not doing or doing certain things. As another friend would say, they get “should” on. This negative attention can really bring … Continue reading

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I’m intrigued by this concept of Internet memes. I first saw this word used in a blog post over a year ago, and am still somewhat perplexed when I see it now. Having taken many years of French, I will … Continue reading

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Omnipod and Freestyle

If you use an OmniPod by Insulet, there is important information out about blood glucose monitoring strips. For a while now there’s been quite some confusion about which strips can be used in the PDM (personal diabetes manager), which doubles … Continue reading

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Once known as the International House of Pancakes, IHoP now stands for Islet Homeostasis Protein. There is so much irony here that I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to discuss. People with type 1 diabetes typically lose both insulin … Continue reading

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