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Although there is no vacation from diabetes, it is possible to take a vacation from work, home routine, etc. I’m on one of those. Be back later.

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Diabetes Terminology Part 2

Are you ready for the next installment? I started the conversation about diabetes terminology a while back. There are a few more words I like to avoid using, for instance, “good” and “bad” when referring to blood glucose levels, people … Continue reading

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We all make mistakes

Last night I really messed up. I’ve witnessed insulin mistakes at diabetes camp, and I’ve heard stories from many parents of/people with diabetes who have taken wrong doses. It’s never an under-dosing we hear about, because we could always just … Continue reading

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Observations from the road

I made some observations while driving from Colorado to New Hampshire over the past five days. First of all, and probably most important, we have a beautiful country. From the vast, open farmland of the midwest to the green mountains … Continue reading

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Freedom and Diabetes

Happy 4th of July! Happy Independence Day! To me, this holiday is a celebration of freedom. Of course, I started thinking about how this could possibly relate to diabetes, and I believe it does. Despite many people’s struggles with diabetes, … Continue reading

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Critical Thinking

I define critical thinking as being able to handle life as it comes. Critical thinking is drawing on our past experiences to make decisions about present situations. Critical thinking is more than a reaction; it’s a thoughtful, deliberate process. Does … Continue reading

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